Born and raised in LA, Devon grew up in the film and commercials environment. He trained and cut his teeth in the industry as a camera assistant for his father, a successful and influential special effects cinematographer.

Since Devon started directing in 1995, he has honed two specialist genres; beauty and babies. Devon’s style of film-making in the genre of hair and beauty combines a balance of storytelling and aesthetic allure. He has the ability to create hair shots bursting with movement and radiance and capture luminous skin on both Men and Women.

Devon’s revolutionary and distinct approach to working with babies to capture unique, touching and convincing performances and their unique personality, is what sets him apart and has raised the standard of this specialist and often-perceived, difficult genre. It is Devon’s style and ethos to directing both beauty models and babies which is not only unique but interestingly the same, to seek and unearth the ‘magic’; the healthy radiance, the inner beauty, the natural and mesmerizing innocence.  It’s these ‘magical’ moments that connect with the viewer, the consumer and the parent alike.